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Australia’s food and fibre industries owe much of their success to research and development that focuses on Australia’s unique climatic, geographic and trading environments.

Australia’s 15 Rural Research and Development Corporations form a network that enables primary producers through effective research, development and extension, and delivers substantial benefit at the traditional farm gate, and across the economy and society equally.

Helping small and medium-sized businesses adopt solar energy

Energy is a major input and significant cost for the egg industry, as most hens are kept in climate- controlled sheds. Solar is an effective source of energy for egg farms, as the size and timing of daily peak demand mirrors peak energy production, with more energy being used to cool sheds during the middle […]
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Helping chicken meat producers manage biosecurity

Practising good biosecurity is important for everyone who works or is involved in the Australian chicken meat industry. To ensure that chicken meat producers can protect their businesses from the ongoing risk of entry and spread of pests and diseases, including food safety pathogens, AgriFutures Australia has developed a suite of biosecurity manuals, guides, templates, […]
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APL – Learning management system

In March 2021, Australian Pork Limited launched its Learning Management System for the Australian pork industry. The system has been designed to deliver relevant and useful training in an accessible way. Well established training programs, such as ProHand, have been migrated to the system, and new courses have been and will continue to be created […]
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CottonInfo successfully supports improved practices, productivity, competitiveness and environmental performance

CottonInfo is a collaboration between Cotton Research and Development Corporation, Cotton Australia and Cotton Seed Distributors. It provides an efficient and effective pathway for the delivery of the results of industry R&D and innovation, and helped the cotton industry reach its 2018 target of increasing productivity by 3 per cent per hectare per year. A […]
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Dairy farmers secure economic and environmental savings

The collaborative Rural R&D For Profit Program, Smarter Irrigation for Profit project*, which included Dairy Australia, saw dairy farmers around the country adopt new knowledge and new ways of working that helped save them money and reduced their environmental impact. The project was designed to encourage the adoption of new irrigation technologies and science application […]
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Early and dry sowing of wheat delivers the yields

Wheat is Australia’s most valuable crop, representing $5 billion per year, and Australia is one of the world’s largest wheat exporters, accounting for 10 per cent of global wheat exports. In the first 90 years of the 20th century, our wheat yields more than trebled but growth has plateaued since 1990, some of which is […]
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Rural Innovation

The time is right to extend Australia’s competitive edge in global food and fibre, and tackle challenges such as competition, in both domestic and export markets; employment in our towns and cities; and the long-term impact of climate change on agricultural productivity and sustainability.

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