AgriFutures Australia strengthens RDC collaboration


The Council of Rural RDCs has today welcomed the relaunch of the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) as AgriFutures Australia.

Chair of the Council of Rural RDCs Dr Michele Allan said AgriFutures Australia represents a further evolution of Australia’s unique industry-government RDC partnership model.

“Since being established almost 30 years ago the Rural RDCs have demonstrated the ability and capacity to adjust and adapt as circumstances have changed, in response to the needs of industry, government, community and the environment,” Dr Allan said.

“AgriFutures Australia is a new and exciting stage for the RIRDC and the industries and partners it works with.

“AgriFutures Australia has a strong mandate to work collaboratively with other RDCs and research providers. This is a high priority for the Council, and we welcome the renewed vigour and focus as we collectively tackle the issues that cut across multiple industries and regions.”

AgriFutures Chair and member of the Council of Rural RDCs Mrs Kay Hull AM said the relaunch was more than just a name change, it represented the organisation’s renewed purpose and direction.

“Our new name signals a distinct path for our organisation. We have upended our thinking to be proactive in the face of a rapidly changing environment, and to harness the many opportunities this presents to our organisation and the sector,” said Mrs Hull.

“AgriFutures Australia forges new frontiers for learning, pushes for greater collaboration across sectors, invests in new and emerging industries, harnesses new technologies and builds the capability of emerging leaders to deliver real on-farm benefits.

“It is such an exciting time to be in Australian agriculture and AgriFutures Australia is well placed to collaborate with rural industries to build a prosperous future.”

For more information visit and follow @AgriFuturesAU


Media Contacts: Tim Lester, Council of Rural RDCs, 0437 524 933
Belinda Allitt, AgriFutures Australia, 0429 598 965

This release is also available for download as a PDF or Word file.

We are hiring!

Collaboration and Communications Manager

We have great stories. Help us tell them.

The Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations is looking for an experienced communication, stakeholder and relationships manager to implement our cross-RDC collaboration framework, and drive our stakeholder engagement and communication strategy.

The 15 rural RDCs are Australia’s largest industry innovation program. We work and invest in research and development, technology transfer and adoption, market access, market development and promotion to deliver real benefits for rural industries, communities and the nation.

In this role you’ll work closely with the Council’s Executive Officer and key staff from across the RDCs to facilitate collaboration, craft and disseminate content, and build critical relationships with internal and external stakeholders. The position description is available in Word and PDF formats.

To apply please send a statement of claims against the position description and your current resume, including details of at least two referees, to, or by post to Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations, PO Box 4746, KINGSTON  ACT  2604.

Applications close at 12 noon on Monday 7 August 2017.

For more information contact Tim Lester, Executive Officer on 02 6270 8898 or 0437 524 933.

Response to Draft Report for the Review of the Intergovernmental Agreement on Biosecurity

In late 2016 the Panel examining the Intergovernmental Agreement on Biosecurity ​released a Draft Report as the next step in its review of Australia’s biosecurity arrangements and the underpinning IGAB. The Draft Report follows the release of a Discussion Paper in May 2016, and the Review Panel’s consultation across the country between May and August 2016.

A Final Report is expected to be provided to Australian agriculture ministers in July 2017.

The Council of Rural RDCs provided a submission for consideration by the panel in response to the draft findings.

Read our submission: CRRDC_IGAB review draft report response FINAL

Council of Rural RDCs – Meeting Communique (6 March 2017)

The Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations meets twice a year, usually in March and September. The most recent meeting was held on Monday 6 March 2017. Council Chair Council unanimously elected MLA Chair Dr Michele Allan to be Chair of the Council of Rural RDCs for the next term. A term for the […]

New research ideas sought to benefit Australian sugarcane industry

Sugar Research Australia (SRA) is seeking new and innovative research ideas that will help improve the productivity and profitability of Australian sugarcane growers and millers.

SRA is the industry-owned corporation for research, development and adoption for the Australian sugarcane industry, and one of the 15 Rural RDCs. Each year it invests in targeted activities that will deliver benefits on-farm and at the mill.

SRA is now putting the call out for applications for new research projects that would begin from July 1, 2017 onwards.

SRA CEO Mr Neil Fisher said that research ideas are sought within identified priority areas that aligned with the SRA strategic plan and four Impact Areas.

“SRA has analysed our current portfolio of research activity, and the current call for projects is being prioritised toward new projects that would fill a gap in our existing research knowledge,” Mr Fisher said.

“We encourage researchers and research institutions to put their best ideas forward so that we can create real benefit for growers and millers.

“We also seek projects that have been developed in consultation with industry, that have a focus on collaboration, and would require an investment that is realistic in relation to the potential outcomes.”

More information on the SRA strategic plan and four Impact Areas is available on the SRA website,

Information on how to apply is also available from the SRA website, or you can call the SRA Research Funding Unit on (07) 3331 3333 or

Applications opened on September 1, 2016, and they will close on October 9, 2016.

SRA will run a two stage selection process that begins with the submission of preliminary research proposals (PRPs), and then successful PRP applicants will be invited to submit a final research proposal (FRP).

Innovation critical for rural industries

2 September 2016

The bill to establish Innovation and Science Australia is a welcome step in the Commonwealth’s National Innovation and Science Agenda, Chairman of the Council of Rural RDCs Mr Richard Clark said today.

“Innovation is a central part of the government’s plan for Australia’s future, and it is a position we fully support,” Mr Clark said.

“Australia primary producers are great innovators. According to the Productivity Commission, productivity in agriculture, fisheries and forestry has averaged 2.6 percent improvement a year since 1989, far exceeding the national average of less than1 percent a year across the market sector economy.

“Rural industries have a sustained commitment to innovation, with government and industry maintaining a partnership for prioritising and investing in R&D through the Rural RDCs which delivers real impacts for both industry and the community.

“The RDCs are the largest industry-innovation program in the country, and the third largest source of publically available funds for research and development.

“Funded by industry and government, RDCs deliver benefits for producers, in the form of better varieties, technology, business practices and improved farm gate profits, and for the community through improved environmental management and successful rural industries that support vibrant regional communities.

“We deliver real benefits and real impacts through the rapid adoption of research outcomes. Australia is a world leader in water efficient crop production, meat grading systems, food safety and traceability, and the management of pests, weeds and diseases. These results are directly attributable to our investments in R&D.

“We are now investing in the future, with advances in robotics, data and genomics. These technologies will ensure our producers and rural industries are able to thrive and take advantage of all market opportunities.

“On behalf of the Council of Rural RDCs we welcome the formation of Innovation and Science Australia, and look forward to working with the Board to advance the national Innovation and Science Agenda.”


Australia’s food and fibre industries owe much of their success to research and development that focuses on Australia’s unique climatic, geographic and trading environments. Australia’s 15 Rural Research and Development Corporations form a network that enables primary producers through effective research, development and extension, and delivers substantial benefit at the traditional farm gate, and across the economy and Australian community.

To understand some of Australia’s current research and development success stories, visit

The 15 Rural Research and Development Corporations are jointly funded by industry and government to plan, prioritise, invest in and manage research, development, technology transfer and adoption to deliver economic, environmental and social benefits for rural industries, rural and regional communities and the nation as a whole. In some cases RDCs also undertake market access, market development and promotional activities at the request of and fully-funded by the industries concerned.

The RDCs annual invest approximately $580 million into research and development for rural industries, and they are the nation’s largest industry-innovation program and the third largest source of publically available funding after the National Health and Medical Research Council and the Australian Research Council.

The RDCs are funded through levies on production and a matching contribution from the Commonwealth, to deliver improved economic, environmental and social performance of producers and rural industries, for the benefit of those industries, rural and regional communities and the nation.

The Council of Rural RDCs provides a forum for the RDCs to work together on issues of common interest and to strengthen Australia’s unique rural RDC model.      

Council of Rural RDCs – Meeting Communique (30 August 2016)

The Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations meets twice a year, usually in March and September. The most recent meeting was held on Tuesday 30 August 2016.

Update from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

The Council was pleased to welcome Deputy Secretary David Williamson from the Department for an update on priorities within the department and government. Mr Williamson advised the Council that the department has just released its Corporate Plan 2016-17 which provides some detail on key priorities and performance measures. He noted the opportunity for the department and RDCs to work more closely together on some collaborative projects and activities, and highlighted biosecurity as an area of interest. The department and RDCs should also be working together with regards to the role and place of rural innovation within the National Innovation and Science Agenda, and the Council noted a key role for the RDCs in supporting the Department Secretary in his participation in the National Science and Technology Committee which reports to the Commonwealth Science Council. Mr Williamson also noted that the Primary Industries Levies and Collections Amendment Bill is scheduled for reintroduction into Parliament during this session. The bill has not been amended from the version previously considered.

Strategic Approach

The Council confirmed its support for a strategic approach which aims to deliver value for the RDCs, with a strong focus on the areas where collective effort and engagement will increase impact. The identified areas of focus are:
• Articulation of an overall performance story for the Rural RDCs and the industry-government partnership (Rural RDC) model
• Aggregation and analysis of data and information relating to the role and performance of the RDCs within the rural innovation system
• Coordination and brokerage for more effective partnerships and collaborations, and to leverage investments made across the RDCs for greatest impact and benefit
• Representation on the benefits of the RDC model and the impacts of the RDCs, including a strong focus on engagement within the National Innovation and Science Agenda and interaction with the National Farmers’ Federation.

The ambition of the Council is that rural industries are thriving through innovation, now and into the future. It will deliver on this ambition by building on the efforts of the Rural RDCs, and is continuing to invest in improving collaboration and partnerships, impact assessment and performance, and communications and positioning.

Impact Assessment and Performance

The Council was provided with the findings of an updated aggregated analysis of economic evaluations across the RDCs. A report will now be prepared for publication of the results, supported by a communications program to interpret and promote the outcomes.
Council also noted that a detailed report had been received for stage 2 of this work which reviewed the current approach to impact assessment and reporting, and identified a number of options for improvement. The evaluation working group will be assessing this report and will prepare a response for consideration by Council for future action.

Stakeholder Engagement and Communications

An extensive update was provided of activity through the stakeholder engagement and communications project, and noted the progress being made. The next stage of the project is to activate an engagement strategy, and this relies on the involvement and support of the RDCs.

GrowAg Summit

The Council agreed to make a financial contribution to the upcoming GrowAg Summit in Albury.


Collaboration is a priority area of activity for the Council, and it is pleased to note active engagement across the RDCs in progressing this item. A cross-RDC collaboration forum to review and report on outcomes from collaboration will be held in November, and then annually. The Council will also prepare an annual statement reporting on collaborative

Levy payer databases

The Council noted a number of developments across the RDCs relating to the management of information about levy payers, and the potential impact of the proposed amendments to the legislation. The RDCs have agreed to continue exploring opportunities to work together on this issue.

Leadership and capacity building

The Council noted the number of investments being made across the RDCs on industry leadership. The Council is to investigate the scale of these investments in order to understand where there may be opportunities for improved outcomes.

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Council will be held in Canberra on Monday 6 March 2017. The next meeting of the RDC CEOs will be held on Tuesday 13 December 2016.

Peak ag R&D group welcomes continuity, commits to R&D for Profit Programmme

Australia’s Rural Research and Development peak body has welcomed the re-appointment of Deputy Prime Minister the Hon Barnaby Joyce MP as Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources.

Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations (RDCs) cheap oakleys sunglasses chair, Richard Clark, also recognised the return of Senator the Hon Anne Ruston as Assistant Minister.

“The authentic nfl jerseys Council welcomes leadership stability in its Девушки sector, with clear commitment to driving effective research, development and extension (RD&E) that delivers substantial oakleys outlet benefits at the farmgate, and across the broader economy and the Australian community,” Mr Clark said.

“An immediate priority is to continue to progress Rural R&D for Profit Programme phase one projects and also deliver 17 new projects approved by Minister Joyce.

“These Fake Oakleys 17 projects have $52.2 million of Commonwealth funding, and are matched by more than fake ray ban sunglasses $77 million in cash and in-kind contributions by Rural RDCs and their partners,” he said.

“These projects again bring together governments, research providers and industry to focus on critical issues that deliver real outcomes for Australian primary producers.”

Rural R&D for Profit projects range from developing a solution for deploying big data to accelerate precision agriculture, to investigating technology that can provide customers with easy-open oysters.

A cheap jordans summary of approved Rural R&D Business for Profit projects can be found at:


– Ends –

 Australia’s food and fibre industries owe much of their success cheap oakleys sunglasses to research and development that focuses on Australia’s unique climatic, geographic and trading ray ban sunglasses environments. Australia’s 15 Rural Research and Development Corporations form a network that enables primary producers through effective research, development Cheap nfl jerseys and extension, and delivers substantial benefit cheap oakleys at the traditional farm gate, and across the economy and Australian community.

To understand some of Australia’s current research and development success stories, visit

Bio – Dr Michele Allan

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Bio – Mr Richard Clark

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