Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation

The Rural Industries Research and Development (RIRDC) was established by the Australian Government to work with industry to invest in research, develop and extension (RD&E) for a more profitable, sustainable and dynamic rural sector.

RIRDC is specifically charged with managing investment in RD&E for primary industries that are too small to set up their own RD&E entity and to address multi-industry and national interest RD&E needs. In doing so, RIRDC investments contribute to the delivery of outcomes against the National and Rural R&D Priorities set by the Australian Government.

The Corporation is the primary funding source for RD&E that investigates the potential of new plant and animal industries for Australia, and for providing support to new industries as they mature and grow.

RIRDC has helped several Australian industries grow to become established, world-leading industries, including the rice, chicken meat, and olive industries.