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September, 2018|Media Releases

Innovation is critical to the future of Australia’s rural industries

The Council of Rural RDCs has welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources the Hon. David Littleproud MP about a project to develop a shared vision for Australia’s rural innovation system.

The Council and its members the rural RDCs, look forward to making a significant contribution to the Minister’s project.

“Research, development and innovation have played a critical role in driving long-term growth and prosperity, sustainability and international competitiveness of our rural industries,” Executive Officer for the Council of Rural RDCs Tim Lester said today.

“Research, development and innovation creates value for our industries, communities and the nation through the discovery and application of knowledge, delivering better ways of doing things, and better products and services.

“Australia’s RD&I ecosystem involves an estimated $3 billion a year and broad mixture of public and private investors and providers. The system includes universities, state and territory governments, CSIRO, corporations, start-ups and entrepreneurs, private research organisations and the RDCs.

“We also know that the world is rapidly changing, with new challenges and new technologies coming through all the time. R&D helps us anticipate and adapt in the face of these changes and in the context of Australia’s particular circumstances and characteristics.

“Ensuring that our system is fit-for-the-future will help us maximise opportunities and respond effectively and appropriately to challenges. We acknowledge the leadership shown by the Minister through this initiative.”


For more information: Council of Rural RDCs Secretariat,
Executive Officer Tim Lester, 0437 524 933

Australia’s food and fibre industries owe much of their success to research and development that focuses on Australia’s unique climatic, geographic and trading environments. Australia’s 15 Rural Research and Development Corporations form a network that enables primary producers through effective research, development and extension, and delivers substantial benefit at the traditional farm gate, and across the economy and Australian community.

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