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August, 2017|Media Releases

AgriFutures Australia strengthens RDC collaboration


The Council of Rural RDCs has today welcomed the relaunch of the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) as AgriFutures Australia.

Chair of the Council of Rural RDCs Dr Michele Allan said AgriFutures Australia represents a further evolution of Australia’s unique industry-government RDC partnership model.

“Since being established almost 30 years ago the Rural RDCs have demonstrated the ability and capacity to adjust and adapt as circumstances have changed, in response to the needs of industry, government, community and the environment,” Dr Allan said.

“AgriFutures Australia is a new and exciting stage for the RIRDC and the industries and partners it works with.

“AgriFutures Australia has a strong mandate to work collaboratively with other RDCs and research providers. This is a high priority for the Council, and we welcome the renewed vigour and focus as we collectively tackle the issues that cut across multiple industries and regions.”

AgriFutures Chair and member of the Council of Rural RDCs Mrs Kay Hull AM said the relaunch was more than just a name change, it represented the organisation’s renewed purpose and direction.

“Our new name signals a distinct path for our organisation. We have upended our thinking to be proactive in the face of a rapidly changing environment, and to harness the many opportunities this presents to our organisation and the sector,” said Mrs Hull.

“AgriFutures Australia forges new frontiers for learning, pushes for greater collaboration across sectors, invests in new and emerging industries, harnesses new technologies and builds the capability of emerging leaders to deliver real on-farm benefits.

“It is such an exciting time to be in Australian agriculture and AgriFutures Australia is well placed to collaborate with rural industries to build a prosperous future.”

For more information visit and follow @AgriFuturesAU


Media Contacts:

Tim Lester, Council of Rural RDCs, 0437 524 933
Belinda Allitt, AgriFutures Australia, 0429 598 965

This release is also available for download as a PDF or Word file.