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Innovation, performance and improvement of Australia’s rural industries is largely driven by investment in research, development, technology transfer and adoption.

In 2017-18, the 15 Rural Research and Development Corporations (RDCs) invested around $750 million in RD&E to improve the profitability and sustainability of rural industries and communities. The funding is a combination of levies on production paid by producers, and contributions from government, paid by taxpayers.

As managers and stewards of this money on behalf of the government and industry, it is imperative that the RDCs are fully accountable and transparent for expenditures, and able to demonstrate the impact and performance of the work they do.

Check out our case studies for more information about the work and impact of the RDCs. Or see our catalogue of performance and evaluation-related reports.

To assist this program all RDCs support and have implemented a set of guidelines for impact assessment (updated 2018). See below for the links to these documents, along with a companion document that outlines key changes made in the most recent update. Individual evaluations undertaken by the RDCs can be explored through our catalogue.

In 2016 the Council of Rural RDCs commissioned Agtrans Research and Consulting, AgEconPlus Consulting and EconSearch to review the completed evaluations and generate an aggregated analysis of the results. The report from this project is available now: 161021 CRRDC Cross-RDC Impact Assessment 2010-2015 [FINAL REPORT].

Follow the links below to download:

The next analysis from the RDCs aggregating results across multiple impact assessments is scheduled for 2018.

Cross-RDC Impact Assessment 2019

Final report of the Cross-RDC Impact Assessment for the Five-Year Period 1 July 2013 to 30 September 2018.


RDC Impact Assessment Report 2010-15

The results of this report are highly positive and demonstrate that the investment by the RDCs, as a whole, has been delivering significant benefits to Australia.

RDC Impact Assessment Guidelines

This document comprises the latest impact assessment guidelines undertaken by Australia’s rural Research and Development Corporations.

RDC Impact Assessment Procedures

The impact assessment program is governed by a set of procedures and processes detailed in this document.

RDC Impact Assessment Companion

This document serves as a companion to the revised impact assessment guidelines, describing the amendments made to the original document and the rationale for those changes.