Sustainability for our industries means running profitable, productive, competitive and efficient businesses while creating environmental, economic and social value. It also means being accountable to stakeholders for the industry’s actions and impacts.

Demonstrating the food and fibre sustainability of Australian sheep

In April 2021, the Australian sheep and wool industry launched the world’s first Sheep Sustainability Framework to demonstrate the industry’s sustainable practices, identify areas for improvement, and better communicate with customers and consumers. With funding and strategic and secretarial support from Australian Wool Innovation and Meat & Livestock Australia, WoolProducers Australia and Sheep Producers Australia […]

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AgriFutures Australia Sustainability Framework

In Australian Government reporting on progress towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), Australia’s 15 RDCs are highlighted as important stakeholders that conduct research to improve the profitability, productivity, competitiveness and long-term sustainability of rural industries. The long-term sustainability of the Australian rice industry is underpinned by research funded by AgriFutures Australia. SunRice, […]

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Australian Eggs Sustainability Framework

The Australian Egg Industry Sustainability Framework has built trust among Australian consumers and helped guide the Australian egg industry to farm eggs in more socially, environmentally and economically responsible ways. The Sustainability Framework is designed to increase productive engagement with Australians and to drive continuous improvement within the industry. Over three years, Australian Eggs engaged […]

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