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August, 2018|Market Access, Intl Competitiveness

Research paves the way for ‘cotton-to-market’

“This important piece of CRDC research has helped the Australian cotton industry not only recognise but also capitalise upon international market opportunities.”

CRDC Executive Director, Bruce Finney

Market research invested in by the Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) has helped the Australian cotton industry identify — and seize — opportunities in the global textiles market. .


As over 99 per cent of Australian cotton is exported, securing international markets is of crucial importance to Australia’s cotton industry. The primary advantage of Australian cotton over its international competitors is the quality of the fibre, yet one of the challenges has been breaking into high quality yarn markets.


CRDC invested in research to understand the quality requirements and perceptions of international spinning mills and brand owners regarding Australian cotton fibre.

Sophisticated market intelligence was collected from key markets including China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Indonesia. The resulting evidence pointed to a clear market opportunity for Australian high quality long staple fibre and the environmental credentials associated with cotton produced under the industry’s best management practice program, myBMP.


Armed with this detailed understanding of the market, CRDC worked with cotton peak bodies Cotton Australia and the Australian Cotton Shippers Association to develop market strategies – including exploring a new premium product for Australia’s Long Staple cotton, and using the myBMP program to further differentiate Australian cotton and meet retailer and brand needs for authenticity, traceability and sustainability.

The resulting Cotton Australia ‘cotton-to-market’ program was launched in January 2014. It provides cotton growers with a more reliable cotton supply chain, and manufacturers, brands and retailers with assurance that their raw material is responsibly produced and identified – and it helps secure Australian cotton’s position in the global textiles market.