March, 2022|Adoption

CottonInfo successfully supports improved practices, productivity, competitiveness and environmental performance

CottonInfo is a collaboration between Cotton Research and Development Corporation, Cotton Australia and Cotton Seed Distributors. It provides an efficient and effective pathway for the delivery of the results of industry R&D and innovation, and helped the cotton industry reach its 2018 target of increasing productivity by 3 per cent per hectare per year.

A review of CottonInfo’s achievements after its first six years showed that it was successful in supporting practice change, improved knowledge and greater efficiency, with:

  • 100 per cent of growers sourcing information from CottonInfo
  • 1600 growers indicating that they would change practices as a result of increased awareness or knowledge after attending one of 126 extension events where intention to change was evaluated
  • 14,000 participants attending one of nearly 1000 extension activities
  • 95 per cent of consultants and 88 per cent of growers thinking CottonInfo has assisted with practice change in key areas. This includes 100 per cent of respondents at the CottonInfo-ICAN regional weed management workshops in 2017, who said that the information learned would help with decisions in the field.

CottonInfo has become a trusted source of information for growers and consultants. Information provided through face-to-face workshops and regional tours is supported with factsheets, e-news and videos to promote best practice.