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August, 2018|Leverage Investment

Collaboration key to cotton industry RD&E

“Australian cotton RD&E is very cohesive – we believe in working together to achieve the best results for growers and the wider sector.”

CRDC Executive Director, Bruce Finney

Cooperation and collaboration are fundamental to the Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC). It’s all about aligning goals and achieving strategic outcomes for the cotton industry, and leveraging higher returns for our investments.


The Commonwealth Government lists agriculture as one of the five key pillars of Australia’s economy. Its 2015 Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper recognises this, and focuses on further adoption of innovation, “farming smart”, maximising the efficiency of farming practices and ensuring “farmgate returns”. Innovation for rural industries is complex and costly, results can vary, gains are incremental and benefits spread widely.


The RDCs are actively engaging with and partnering with each other, with researchers, research agencies, funding bodies, businesses, producer groups and not-for-profit organisations to build capacity across Australian agriculture.

Recently the RDCs have been working with the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to implement the Rural R&D for Profit program. In the first round of funding, 12 projects were approved to commence from 1 July 2015. These included improved irrigation practices, biological control of weeds and pests, using the latest imaging and robotic technologies to improve yield from some tree crops, and development of the southern Australian aquaculture industry. Projects are currently being assessed under a second round of the program.


Several projects under the Rural R&D for Profit are now well advanced and project members will report in 2019 against the objectives of:

  • Generating knowledge, technologies, products or processes that benefit
    primary producers
  • Strengthening pathways to extend the results of rural R&D, including understanding the barriers to adoption
  • Establishing and fostering industry and research collaborations that form the
    basis for ongoing innovation and growth of Australian agriculture