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August, 2018|Value for Money

Campaign for Wool

“The Campaign for Wool has provided a solid platform for AWI to partner with leading retailers to educate and promote the benefits of wool, ensuring consumers understand the natural and ecological benefits of the fibre.”

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) Chief Executive Officer, Stuart McCullough

Launched by HRH the Prince of Wales in 2010, the Campaign for Wool is a global campaign to educate consumers about the benefits of wool and to promote wool products to an international audience with the aim of improving returns for woolgrowers.


The campaign was designed to increase the demand for Australian wool by shifting consumer purchases away from competing fibres and into wool-based products by promoting wool as a natural and renewable fibre. The aim of this marketing program was increase consumer awareness of the benefits of wool that would lead to higher demand for wool products and consequently higher and prices for Australian wool.


AWI invested $4.6m in an international five-year marketing campaign, which was supported by the Prince of Wales who is a passionate advocate of sustainability and wool as a natural and renewable fibre. The Campaign for Wool was designed to leverage the power of key retail partnerships and the media to promote wool products to consumers around the world.

Marketing programs were developed with individual retailers around the world involving regular promotion activities, including media communications, trade and consumer events and the Campaign for Wool website – supported by high-profile engagement by its patron The Prince of Wales, and others including Colin Firth and Dame Vivienne Westwood.


The estimated benefit of the campaign to Australian wool growers was up to $22m from increased wool sales, which is a return of up to $4.80 for every dollar invested.

Results of the campaign have included:

  • Increased participation of retail partners from 117 in 2010 to 333 in 2011
  • More than doubled the editorial value of Campaign for Wool’s exposure in printed media Generated sales growth by its retail partners of up to 19%
  • The Prince of Wales, retailers, fashion designers, manufacturers, woolgrowers and publishers continue to support the campaign.