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Pastures Australia

Objective: The aim of the program is to invest in pastures that maximise their on-farm value, which will be measured through increased profitability and sustainability.

The scope of the project includes pasture agronomy and management, pasture improvement across all species, and better adoption of practices and products.

Collaboration: Pastures Australia is joint initiative of the Grains RDC, Australian Wool Innovation, Meat and Livestock Australia, Dairy Australia and the Rural Industries RDC.

The role and generic nature of pastures in the production of meat, wool, grains, milk and fodder was recognised by the participating RDCs.

Pastures and pasture management play a critical role in a range of broad acre farming activities. Pastures Australia is just one example of a large number of pasture orientated research programs that involve more than one of the RDCs.

Collaborative pasture R&D contributes to a number of other joint programs including Land Water and Wool, Grain and Graze, the National Agricultural Pasture Legume Improvement Project (NAPLIP) and many others.

Results: New projects are to be contracted from July 2006 to January 2007.

Measures of Success: Producers will benefit from a range of varieties, tools and information to select and manage the best pastures for their farms.

Breeders and commercial seed companies are also expected to benefit through increased communication and cooperation along the value chain.

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